Shooting Expired Kodacolor VR plus 200 from 2003

Sometimes its just fun to take a walk, and try something new, or in this case, something old, and see how it works out. Thats what I did, with a couple some rolls of expired film A couple of rolls of Kodacolor VR Plus 200, damn that is a long name for a film :). Which I acquired on a facebook group in Denmark. I shot the film at ISO64, after rule 1 stop per decade(ish). The roll is shot over a couple of days, and its fun to see how it reacts in the different type of light, but … Continue reading Shooting Expired Kodacolor VR plus 200 from 2003

Trip with Bronica SQ-AI + Lomography 800

Another day, another blogpost, lets see how long I can hold that up that pace. But that’s ok, I write this because I love taking pictures of any kind, and I like experimenting with many different kinds of camera gear, cause I’m a G.A.S driven nerd! I love both the tools and the output, and in my world that goes fine hand in hand. This “pretty” plant is called “Nordjyllands Værket” located at the coast of “Limfjorden” in the northern part of Jutland, Denmark. Its the local power/heating plant, combined running mostly on coal ;( , and its the main … Continue reading Trip with Bronica SQ-AI + Lomography 800

Analogue trip to “The Horse shoe”

Finally got some pictures developed from a small excursion to a place named as in the head line, “The Horse shoe” i have no idea why its called that. But its a small weird place, nudged in between large power plant across the water, and large industry on both side. Its located on the coast of the “Limjord” in the nothern part of Denmark, near my hometown of Aalborg. But its a small piece of nature in between all the industrial ugliness where people can access a small beach with good swimming possibilities. There is even an official snorkel lane, … Continue reading Analogue trip to “The Horse shoe”

Pushed Portra 400 look on Fuji files

I love the look you get from Portra 400 when you overexpose it a stop or so on a sunny day, i love the slightly washed out colors, and the overall look, but its hard to acquire the film, and its damn expensive! So i have been experimenting in Lightroom to get that look on my fuji files (X100F, X-T2, X-Pro1), which are my all time favorite digital cameras. This is the first time i actually succeeded, well at least in my own opinion. Still waiting for a roll of the “real” stuff to compare. But its on the way, … Continue reading Pushed Portra 400 look on Fuji files

Vaerket – Street art gallery in decay – Kentmere 400

A little look at the local street art gallery in Nørresundby where i live, that closed a couple of years ago, and since have gone very much down hill sadly, but still very photogenic in my eyes. Guessing it will be torn down soon. I found the following description of the site online, it only reached to be open a year or so i think, before it became to hazardous. But there was some spectacular street art in that short intense period. “Since we opened in August of 2016, Værket has continued to offer street artists a creative space to … Continue reading Vaerket – Street art gallery in decay – Kentmere 400

Urban exploring

So its time for a reboot of this blog, its now dedicated to my hobby, which is photography, both film and digital. Lets see if i can keep it up, the pace that is. I have been doing photography for almost 4 years now, so thought it was time to have a place to share what i do. Recently i was out with a friend, doing some exploring of abandoned places, and we found some great places in my hometown of Aalborg, Denmark. This is the analog part of it, also shot some digital, which i will post later on. … Continue reading Urban exploring

Ektar 100

This is my first try with Ektar 100, shot at the local architectural Perl, “Musikkens hus” or “House of Music” in English, which is one of the most exiting places to photograph if you ever visit Aalborg, Denmark. The house is open for the public, so just go in :). I really like the colors of the Ektar movie, especially the first image, its just magic in my eyes. Looking forward to shooting some more with that film as we approach sunnier dayes, and hopefully less Corona. Shot on the Bronica SQ-AI + Zenzanon 50 + Developed by lab + … Continue reading Ektar 100